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KB Mil. Press

(2) 24kg x 6
(2) 32kg x 5
(2) 32kg x 5
(2) 32kg x 5 (see-saw)
(2) 32kg x 5 (see-saw)

KB press's felt good. I was supposed to rep out 140lbs on my 531..but I went w/ the bells instead.

3 Rounds:

10 KB snatch (32kg) 5L/5R
10 Pull-ups

TGU w/ 24kg x 2
Windmill w/ 32kg 1x5

Thinking about starting a 3x5 for a little bit instead of 531. I'm going to be called to do alot of running...I've noticed that it takes a few days for my legs to get back to feeling light for 3mile and above runs.
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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