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Default Pain in the elbow

Over the past few months, I have gradually increased pain in my elbow when doing many exercises. It feels like a tendon and is at the upper part of the inside of my forearm, right at the elbow joint, but when bad I can feel it down the upper half of my forearm. I'll try to include a picture if my description is as terrible as I think it is.

It is especially bad when I'm gripping something and my wrists are bent slightly back (which would cause the forearm to stretch) - when OH pressing is where I feel it most but more and more in BP as well. I really feel it during chin-ups, and it gets bad mainly when my chin is about lined up with my hands. It feels like it's exacerbated by grip when my forearm / wrist are at the right angle.

I took a few weeks off earlier and it seemed to have no effect, and it's slowly getting worse. Any ideas on diagnosis / rehab?
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