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27 May

BJJ--pulled something under my left shoulder blade.

28-31 June
Drink, eat, repeat

1 June 10
Peru Prep:

50 Step-ups on 24" box with 25lb pack
20 push-ups


shoulder, back still killing me.

2 June 10
35 min Airdyne
shoulder hurt so bad I could not do one push-up

Chiropractor adjustment. He says I ought to quit BJJ. He lost a customer.

3 June 10
35 min Bike using 8 weeks out HICT protocol (5min warm-up; 12 min threshold [heart rate at 150]; 5min easy; 12 min threshold [heart rate at 150])

Then BJJ Class
BJJ Warm-up, techniques, LIGHT rolling

Now my 4-5 fingers on my left hand are tingling--perfect.
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