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Default Critique my current program

Hi folks,

Would love to get some feedback on the current general program I'm using, which borrows heavily from Gant's (and others') posts on the subject.

My main goal is to reach a 2x bw squat (350#) and 2.5 bw deadlift (~440#) within the next six months. Currently I am probably at around a 325# sq and 390# dead for a 1 rm (mabe more). Secondarily, I would like to maintain some modicum of conditioning and proficiency/strength in my oly lifts, press, and bench, but these can take a back seat to the big two.

Current general template, which I have been using for about two months:

M: Squat, bench.

W: Sq Snatch/Pwr CJ + WOD

F: Deadlift, press, weighted/unweighted deadhang pullups.

S/Su: usually nothing but sometimes throw in more oly work or another WOD.

For the slow lifts I am using 5/3/1. Still making some progress, although squat and press are starting to stall out. For the oly lifts I am a little less systematic but try to vary volume, intensity, and light, days, usually using singles or doubles. Generally keep the WODs between 3-8 minutes and try to choose them so that they don't interfere with everything else. I have toyed with doing more oly lifts before the other lifts on M and F, but I seem to do better when I break it up more and put the oly work on a different day, especially since I am often time-limited. My job keeps me pretty busy and don't get as much sleep as I should so I think I generally do better training ~3x per week.

I am doing very little strength assistance work -- some ab work here and there, some pistols, but generally keeping it pretty simple. Maybe I could be doing more here.

I would be grateful for any thoughts or suggestions for improvement.

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