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Originally Posted by Mark Joseph Limbaga View Post
I always preferred to lift before training...
if i can lift several hours before training, then i prefer this. if it's lifting and then going straight into class, then i don't like this at all. if that's the case, then working out after class is fine too. in general i find that i have less pressure to condition after class since i feel like i probably already conditioned just by training. therefore, i can just focus on strength and skill work. granted though, i normally don't expect great performance cause i'm probably tired.

i do feel though that after working on strength and skill after training for a while does make me much more capable when i do come into a fresh workout session without training beforehand.

it's more reasonable to me to train after class because most people are training at the 6-8pm times anyways, and if you have a normal workday, then there's no good free time beforehand. that is unless you workout in the morning, but that just makes my back hurt.

if you train at noon or so, and then workout in the evening, that would probably be ideal. although my guess would be that if you feel up to it, you should train both at noon and in the evening and only workout if you don't have the energy (although that may sound weird).
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