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Looks good. You might want to do press before DLs. A heavy press requires a stable back. The DL can exhaust your back for DL but not vice versa.

If you're stalling on 5/3/1, knock some weight off on your next cycle and make smaller jumps. It's a mind trick at first because the weights don't matter as much as the reps. 5s week is money week.

If your BS and DL are slowing--and you're pressed for time--add 3x10 good mornings on Monday while you're warming up for bench and 3x10-15 reverse hypers on Friday while you're warming up for pullups. Hell, you could superset GMs with bench warmups, get the benefit of both, and even realize a slight conditioning effect.

Also add a chicken breast or two on top of your daily diet and get another 30 minutes of sleep each night. Both of those add up over a week.
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