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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Looks good. You might want to do press before DLs. A heavy press requires a stable back. The DL can exhaust your back for DL but not vice versa.

If you're stalling on 5/3/1, knock some weight off on your next cycle and make smaller jumps. It's a mind trick at first because the weights don't matter as much as the reps. 5s week is money week.

If your BS and DL are slowing--and you're pressed for time--add 3x10 good mornings on Monday while you're warming up for bench and 3x10-15 reverse hypers on Friday while you're warming up for pullups. Hell, you could superset GMs with bench warmups, get the benefit of both, and even realize a slight conditioning effect.

Also add a chicken breast or two on top of your daily diet and get another 30 minutes of sleep each night. Both of those add up over a week.
what he said...

plus. ditch all that other crap.

JK. i know Gant has had great luck advancing multiple qualities at once for his sports, but there is a big mental balancing act that plays in here. If I were in your shoes, I'd simplify the hell out of it. you're trying to get better at three things. I'd pick one, then an understudy, third place rides in the back of the truck. i don't believe in periodization as much as prioritization. if the big lifts are slowing, WOD gets hind tit. if the oly lifts are getting crummy, go to program minimum on the 531 stuff and up the frequency and volume of the the Olympic lifts and expect to just hold your ground on the others.
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