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John Filippini
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HB Snatch: 5x65, 5x70, 5x72, 3x75(f4), 5x68, 5x63
Snatch DL: 10x95, 10x105, 10x100, 10x95
RDL: 10x125, 10x119, 10x113
Shrug: 10x165, 10x175, 10x166, 10x158


1 - Had to go before I had time for rows or pull ups.

2 - Snatches felt great, other than the fact that I gave myself a serious bruise on my pelvis - possibly pushing my hips through too much?

3 - Deadlifts were all from a dead stop, and I'm told position looked good. I'm amazed at how fast my body seems to have adapted to this.

Push Press: 3x10x69, 10x66, 10x62
Back Squat: 2x10x123


1 - My right ankle was severely acting up in squats today, to the point where I just had to stop the squats. It was already 8:30, so I had problems motivating for the rest of press day. Need to attempt to video my squats to see what I'm doing that's aggravating that ankle.
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