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It took me three weeks to become fat-adapted on an IF plan. It didn't gradually get better, either. I just sucked for three weeks straight and then the sky cleared.

If this is what you want to do, fine. As others said, you won't gain a lot of lean mass, which is fine. But, if you want to be a bit larger in the long run (and eventually stronger), it wouldn't hurt to do a bit of binging this summer and see if you can't sneak on another 5-10 lbs. of lean mass before you cut back.

Starting college can be stressful. Don't let adherence to a diet be another source of stress.

Lastly, try to enjoy yourself. Don't sweat all this keto/SS/Pavel stuff. When I first pulled 400, I did it on Red Baron pizzas and frozen burritos without any clue what I was doing. Hard work is more important than the scientificals of some set/rep scheme. Stick with 3x5 if that's what you like. Stick wtih Pavel if that's what you like.

BTW, milk isn't necessary. It's just really really convenient.
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