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I've heard Angel Spassov's name before, but I don't really know much about him. I wonder if Bondarchuk and others are being misrepresented in that article. I know Bondarchuk is highly regarded, and he has results as both an athlete and coach.

Here's an excerpt from an interview of Taranenko in 1987:

B.C. What strength exercises do you favor?

Taranenko: The back squat is the most important strength exercise. I usually squat every day, sometimes more than once-a-day. My best back squat is 380 kg (837 lbs). But this is with a two-second pause at the bottom.

B.C. How many reps per set?

Taranenko: Usually no more than three. However, I occasionally do sets of five for explosive speed. I can use 300 kg for sets of five, done rapidly. Typically, I pause at the bottom for a count of two, when doing squats.

B.C. Do you have problems with sore knees?

Taranenko: No.

B.C. Do you do front squats?

Taranenko: No. I used to do front squats about twice a week, but stopped some years when I was able to do 300 kg for three reps. At that point I felt I was way beyond what I need to recover effectively from the clean. And besides, that much weight is an excessive load on the chest.

B.C. Do you do bench step-ups and lunges?

Taranenko: Yes. I do the step-ups occasionally, just to exercise the legs while unloading the spine. The lunges are not big deal, I use them once in a while as a change of pace.
I've done the step up for long timed sets and for low reps. They were very effective in improving the strength endurance in my legs for running. I didn't stick with the low reps long enough to see any real results for that.

I could ask around on some other forums that have people who have read Bondarchuk's work for their opinions if anybody wants.

Here's are reviews of both volumes of Bondarchuk's "Transfer of Training in Sport":
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