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Here's also an excerpt from an interview of Bondarchuk:

What is the major problem with US hammer throwing or US throwing in

Bondarchuk: The system of technique and strength has not changed in hammer,
discus or shot for 20-30 years. In 1972 my technique was as good or better than
some top US hammer throwers today. That was 36 years ago, this should not be the case. The US is always thinking about maximum strength. Until the US realizes the research of special and dynamic strength, there will be minimal hammer throwers over 80 meters. After 1975 in Europe the average athlete no longer used a full squat, only quarter squats, step ups and jump squats. Maybe the US is too influenced by bodybuilding and power lifting which takes their focus away from
special strength. The US has not progressed technically in 40-50 years with the
hammer. There has been very little progress since Hal Connolly, outside of maybe
Deal but even Deal did not have near the technique he could have achieved. Deal's technique was 50/50, he did not push the ball but he also did not pull the ball.
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