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Originally Posted by Jay Ashman View Post
Grissim... what if I tell you I was moving to Cleveland area in the next 2 months to work at a facility to do just that... actually in Mentor...

would you bite on that?

I got an offer that I am taking him up on
that sounds enticing. i'm trying to figure out how to alter my S&C right now cause i am training at a new BJJ club and right now am training 5 days a week. thus getting out to mentor is only really feasible on the weekends (45 min drive from where i live in little italy, and my club is in beachwood, if you wanna look that up).

there's an MMA club in mentor called griffonrawl that you might want to advertise at. jason dent, who was on TUF and has had some UFC fights, owns that place.

i'm pretty sure you don't focus on a gymnastics, but if for some reason you got a high-bar and a foam pit, i would definately come out there.
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