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Monday June 7th


5 min rest between sets this time. First set was a cake walk. Counted 6 but video showed 5, as well has nice quick reps. My new hope is to make it to 260x3x5. Second set I shoved my knees out harder and forced them out because they were coming in. Made that set alot harder then my first. I wonder if thats why the first was so easy. Last set was hard and knees came in unavoidably on last rep just coming out of the bottom, got them back in place a few inches later. Massaged my knees hard under the knee cap after I finished and they hurt as a result until the first set of presses.


Tough. Left elbow felt a little roughed up for a minute or two after the first set. Hurt a bit less second set. Dont remember it hurting after the last set.

Power Clean

First rep first set racked pretty low, and it was because I wasn't expecting how heavy it was going to feel after those easy warm ups. From now on I'll warm up to a heavyish single before my worksets. The other two reps racked fine. Second set went alright, third rep racked maybe a little low. Focusing now on being speedy right from intial pull from the floor. Felt like I caught the reps in a split stance on the third set, felt effecient though but I am just a newb so maybe its not. Fourth set I finally remember to throw the bar in a straight line, felt a tiny bit easier.

Ab Roller

This was wierd. I was busting reps like they were nothing on the first set with no problems not hyperextending, and then on the second set I could hardly get deep once and was sagging easily. Damndest thing...


Oh yeah, and back felt most fine today.
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