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Originally Posted by Peter Puetz View Post

I would agree with you observation about lock offs but I think the critical point in the chinup is the transition around 90 degree. If you ask somebody who has only a 10 rep max to do chinups from the top to 90 degree, up and down he will usually knock off a lot more chins... I would set up the bands in such a way that they would offer only little support on the top.

Pavel I don't know but would guess that there are better templates available if you can already do 20 reps...
That's persuasive.

It's probably worth emphasizing that training volume doesn't equal gains when you're talking about endurance (doing 20 singles over the course of twenty minutes is less conducive to progress than knocking off two sets of ten), but of course your program addresses the need for training in a high rep range... sound good.

BTW, I should have mentioned that lockoffs seem to be a lot easier to do w/ chins than w/ pull-ups, and their carryover is specific to your grip, so there might be a limit to how useful my advice is in that regard.
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