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Default Right Achilles Sore

Lately I've been experiencing a soreness in my right achilles tendon. This soreness is only present when I've begun to move about after a period of relaxation, say, after awakening from sleep and starting to walk, or, after relaxing for a period of time during the day and then beginning to move about walking. After becoming mobile there is no sensation of discomfort at all. I have experienced no lasting pain as a result of this problem nor can I pin down exactly when I noticed this soreness began and it doesn't seem to me to correlate to any workout I'm doing (currently I'm following MEBB WOD's). Sorry for all the ambiguity but I was hoping for some suggestions to consider? Could this be achilles tendonitis? Oddly enough, my sleep has been tremendous lately due to have cut out all the coffee and am drinking one or two cups of black tea a day instead so it doesn't seem recovery is the issue either. Thanks for any suggestions....
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