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Talking similar situation

Originally Posted by Bo Schmidt View Post
Thanks for replying, Scott.

First let me say this: We are NOT crossfitters trying to mix sprinting into our training. We're going all in for 100m and 200m sprint.

The first of our 200m sprints was 25 sec. As my speed endurance is bad, I was naturally gassed at the end (~150m) of the 200m sprint. I'm estimating 11-11.5s on the 100m. This was without track shoes or start blocks. The 2nd 200m sprint was 30 sec and this was with exactly 4:00 min recovery in between. Again the 2nd half was all about surviving and reaching the finish line.

I'm 17 years old and he's 18 years old. We both eat and sleep relatively well. I've started eating grains since I stopped crossfitting (did CF for a year) but I'm still eating 1.5 grams of protein per pound of BW. I'm getting 8+ hours of sleep every night and sometimes I sneak in a nap in the afternoon.

Further questions:
1. We've been doing Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 strength program during the winter and we have seen incredible results. Any idea how to incorporate 5/3/1 into the above template? The first week there's only 1 weightlifting day. The 2nd week we would do DL and Press on the first weightlifting day and squat and bench on the 2nd weightlifting day.
Another personal goal I've had lately is achieving a one-arm chin-up (and pull-up), any idea how to add this goal into the above template? My record right now is 5 reps with 20 kg added.

2. In the previous post you advocated we started out building our speed base and then layering the speed endurance on top, and not the other way around. Should we add some sprinting days each week (1-2) while strength training until our bodies have adjusted to the increased workload (3-4 weeks) and then shift to the above template? Again, please keep in mind that we are not crossfitters trying to incorporate sprinting, but we're sprinters trying to get the best times possible.

Thank you very much for helping us out!

Bo- I know its been a while since your post... but I recently have found myself in a similar situation. I am doing speed training for my football program, so a little different as I am not training for a race but still trying to maximize speed and explosiveness. ive been taking a pre-workout supplement that is designed for this kind of training and I have seen some pretty good results. after about a week of taking it I noticed I could maintain a fairly intense workout for a much longer period of time... while also maintaining good form and technique(which seems to go out the door as an intensive workout progresses). check it out and see if its the right thing for you too... called fast fuel, by a company RSp nutrition. dont know much about em but they got a couple guys in tthe nfl on it.
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