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Some thoughts on current programming....I'm stronger yes...but my run time isn't has good as compared to being 185. I'm 195-200 now. I feel like I was more well rounded at 185

I have to admit all my barbell lifts went up w/ the increase of bodyweight...but that is a given.

However I'm going to try to lean out to 185 and work on keeping my strength up as best as I can.

Last few sessions:

Today 100610

Snatch 65x5-115x3-135x3x155x5

Cleans 135x5-155x5-185x2-225x2

Yesterday 100609

The Seven crossfit wod
7 hspu
7 thrusters 135lbs
7 knees 2 elbows
7 deads at 245lbs
7 kb swings @ 70lb
7 pullups

Did it with one of my Marines as sorta of team workout..only had 1 bar. Took us like 45 minutes to do. I feel like it effected me on todays lifting to say the least.

100608 Rest

100607 PFT...sucked! Ran a 23:45 - 20 pullups - 100 situps - Score -265.

100606 Rest

3 Rounds
10 pullups
10 ring dips
800m run


3 rounds
800m run
21 KB swings
12 burpees
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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