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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
This is the stated goal.
On a third day, you could sprint 20x50 or 10x100 or 5x200. Go all out or run build ups. Recover awhile between sprints.
I like your first two days Gant, but this third day looks ungodly (well, just the 50s and 100s). I'm only basing this on reading Scott Kustes' article in the PMenu (#58). Of course, the goal there is speed. Here's the relevant quote

What Not To Do
I've seen it quite a few times. Someone decides to add "sprint training" to their workouts and the workouts are something along the lines of 10x100m with 1 minute (or perhaps 2-3 minutes) rest. That's not a sprint training workout. That's a conditioning workout and may have a place in your program, but it's not going to make you faster.
I guess it has a place here? I guess just be clear as to what you want to achieve.
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