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My family and I are moving.

Those words put an immediate "zap" on most sane lifting plans. We haven't gotten into the heavy, heavy lifting phase yet. Fortunately, my wife's new job has offered some moving assistance. Unfortunately, it's not unlimited so we have to do some picking and choosing -- we'll move some stuff our selves and have some of it done professionally. We moved ourselves locally last summer -- we had about 15000+ pounds of stuff. It took us a week. We couldn't walk for the following week. Ugh. Fortunately, we got rid of a lot of junk and we don't have to do it all ourselves this time.

However, the physical element isn't really the worst part. It's the planning, replanning, finding reliable help, finding a new place to live (rent? own?), looking for a job for myself, feeling bad your son is being uprooted, and so forth. But, we'll get through it. On to fun stuff:

Two of my last points were that (1) my shoulder was being problemsome and (2) I wanted to be hell bent on a 405 SQ. I didn't realize just how troublesome (1) was and how it would affect (2). I also realized the cause of (1). I was trying to do some ring dips (which haven't been a problem before) and ... ouchie, tweakie ... my left rotator cuff went into spasm, unhappiness. That actually persisted for quite some time (May 1 until ... now). I kept up with the PL SQ through May 15 or so, but when two weeks off of PL SQ (with only a single workout on May 23) didn't reduce the inflammation, I made an executive decision to give the shoulder a rest. So, I moved to High Bar Back Squats (OLY SQ).

There are some nice benefits to the OLY SQ for me: I dont' _have_ to spend 20-30 minutes warming up and stretching out my shoulder girdle to do them. (Of course, with my goal being a health shoulder, I do the warmup more often then not. I just don't add the stress of PL SQ). The OLY SQ have been ok: of course, that means they're about where my PL SQ was in January *sigh*. But, I'm mostly content to be getting good leg work and trying to improve the shoulder. Incidentally, the OLY SQs are as deep as possible. I'm not using oly shoes, but I've considered it (I have them).

Training wise, I had four weeks of about 1 heavy session per week. I was supplementing that with some other work: "just" doing an extended warmup up twice, hiking Camel's Hump (great hike, quick, knees were mostly ok though they complained at the very end), and a couple KB swing, snatch, clean+press workouts. I always intend to do some windmills and getups, but for some strange reason ...

The brings me to this last week. Since the next couple weeks may be back to one session a week, I've been attempting to lift whole body, squatting every day on MTuThF this week and MTu (next week). Squatting four days a week will get your attention. M was 7 of 5, Tu was a heavy single (275), Th was 3 of 5, I'm not sure about today. I've also been hitting the BP each day: M 2,3,5 ladder x 4 (40 reps), Tu heavy double (195), Th 2,3,5 ladder x 5 (50 reps).

A tiny bit of direct upper arm work has also found its way into my routines. And, it turns out that it may be useful! I literally have done about 15 sets of curls in the past five years (or so). I've done a few more tricep extensions, but not many. Well, I opted for some "stretch position" movements: incline bench DB curls and OH tricep extensions. And, my left arm is definitely weaker. So, I'm working to get that balanced out. Also, the OH tricep actually gives me a few moments to see how my shoulder sits in the OH position (i.e., do I get nice and tight to the ear, do I have to assist with my off hand to get into that tight position, etc.).

One last tool in my toolbox that I had really used a lot in the Fall: I call it "Eurocise"ing -- b/c, well, "Euro" makes everything better (or so the infomercials say). Anyway, this is simply Pavel's ETK C+P and PullUp ladders alternating between them. For me, it looks like 1 C+P, 5 breaths, 2 C+P, 7 breaths, ... N C+P, 1.5 minutes rest, 1 PU, 5 breaths, ... N PU. The C+P are done with a barbell.

A last note. My wife is training out of Celli's Gym ( in Pittsburgh for the summer. Ryan and Dana Celli are wonderful folks: I met them a few weeks ago. Ryan is also beastly strong: he totaled 2000 @ 198 (equipped) and 1807 @ 198 (raw). Whoa! Dana is no slouch either. Anyway, if you are in Pittsburgh and need a gym, it is only 5 minutes from downtown and 5 minutes from Oakland (if you know the right roads). It's also 5 minutes from my brother's. Man, if only we were still living there!

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