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Originally Posted by David Boyle View Post
Some thoughts on current programming....I'm stronger yes...but my run time isn't has good as compared to being 185. I'm 195-200 now. I feel like I was more well rounded at 185

I have to admit all my barbell lifts went up w/ the increase of bodyweight...but that is a given.

However I'm going to try to lean out to 185 and work on keeping my strength up as best as I can.
Could it be simply you haven't been 195-200 long enough? I imagine your legs/run time will have much easier time catching up then you will keeping your lifts up.... plus your run times will probably improve as your foot continues to heal more fully. I notice the same thing when I put on weight, but my legs/running come back pretty quick (and I put like at least 1/2 inch on my calves from running with the increased body weight).

On the other hand how's your body comp? Call me too much of a bodybuilder, but if that 15-20# is fat then maybe losing it won't hurt you too too much.
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