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John Filippini
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Ok, definitely gotten terrible at updating this log...

Snatch: 3x1x75
Clean: 3x1x90
Front Squat: 2x130, 2x137, 1x145(f2)

Hang Snatch: 3x2x65
Snatch DL: 10x110, 10x120, 10x114, 10x108

Push Press: 2x10x60, 7x60(f8)
Squat: 10x130, 9x130(f10)
Bench Press: 3x10x66

Hang Clean: 2x5x80
Clean DL: 10x145, 10x155, 10x140, 10x125

Snatch: 70, 75, 75, 80, 80, 82, 82(f), 82
Clean+Jerk: 85, 90, 3x1x95


1 - Shoulder and ankle problems reached a peak at the beginning of this week, causing me to bail on the heavy push day completely.

2 - However, others came to the rescue to solve both problems. My trainee actually taught me a few things about ankle rehab from her days as a marathoner, and my ankle feels a billion times better. Trying to coach someone with shoulder mobility issues led me to tell him to "put his elbows out". This got me thinking about my overhead position too, and voila - I now know how to engage the posterior of my right shoulder. It also feels on the fast track to recovery, and was able to jerk for the first time in weeks.

3 - While that was all going on, managed to pull some great numbers in both deadlifts, teaching me a thing or two about engaging my hamstrings and lats to keep in good position. Snatch DLs at 120 were apparently great, and I only broke down on the last two reps or so at 155 with Clean DLs (had observers for both).

4 - Managed to hit some respectable numbers in snatch given the volume I've been on, and managed to jerk decently for the first time in quite a while. Volume moved down to 5s after this, and I am very excited.
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