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Default On My Signal....Unleash Hell!

Stats: 34 y/o male. approx 240 lbs
Profession: Firefighter, and part-time bartender
-(all these were within the last year)
1RM DL 455#
1RM SP 200#
1RM BS 360#
1RM PC 275#
Mile run 6:16
100m sprint-13.1
400m run-1:21
800m run-2:50ish
Plus a bunch of CF stats, ask if you care

Athletic Background: Been doing some type of CF (main page, hybrid, CFFB, CFE, Affiliate, etc.) since April 2008. I competed in last year's Southeast CF Qualifiers, and finished in the bottom half (as expected). Prior to that, I was a fairly serious triathlete in my late 20s/early 30s, with several half-IronMan and a full IM finishes under my belt (I had no favorite distance, they're all pretty awesome). HS and some college athletics, nothing especially earth-shattering.

Current Athletics:
Competing in Firefighter or PD/FD events, and the occasional CF Affiliate event (if it's nearby). TCA events, FLA and National FF Olympics Track Meet, FF Combat Challenge, Sprint Triathlons, and I am looking to compete in my first Highland Games and possibly a StrongMan event (maybe).

Goals: Increase strength, conditioning, while developing/improving skills to not look like a complete A-hole in whatever athletic endeavor I choose to partake in on that given day. Also, have enough energy to work a busy 24hr shift at the FD, come home and keep the two kids entertained for a few hours until I shove off to my PT gig.

Logistics: I'm going to try to attempt a 5/3/1, plus one assistance movement, and one short/heavy metcon (think CFFB or Gant's hybrid) for the majority of my programming. Other days will be a grab-bag of whatever I can do that day, and the implements I have at my disposal. I typically have a three day rotating schedule that goes something like this:
Day One-on shift at FD from 0730-0730
Day Two-off during day, work at hotel from 4pm-12:30am
Day Three-off, usually at home most of the day so wifey can leave the house!
Most stations each have a treadmill, and a universal-type machine. I have some bumpers, iron weights, oly bar, sandbags, push/pull sled, med ball, 12 and 16# shots, etc....which gives me some flexibility at the station. On my off days, I have access to some decent equipment at the FD training center, not to mention I have a pretty sweet DIY pullup bar in my house. With enough planning, I can maintain the benchmark workouts required in 5/3/1, and fill in the other days with some other stuff.

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