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Dave Coughlin
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6/14/2010-Start of 5/3/1@ FD

(outside temps were 99 degrees during workout)
CFWU 1x10

Shoulder Press (clean into position)
45*8, 75*6
125*5 140*5 155*9

Dips 4*8

Four rounds, all-out effort
-20m sled pull then push, 290#
-10 pushups
-20 DUs

*Crazy busy day @FD yesterday, lots of moving up and vehicle inventory/cleaning. I managed to eat clean all day, and get this workout in around 4pm. First 5/3/1 day wasn't too scary, although I was hoping for 155*10. I was going to try to do DLs today, but we were up most of the night on a working fire, and I have to work tonight. Shouldn't be an issue for tomorrow.
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