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Originally Posted by David Boyle View Post
This past week was sorta a deload week from 531..but not really. I took a break from squats/front squats/mil. press.

However I managed to do some heavy metcon stuff. Not bad...change of pace is good every now and then.

Going to start 531 on Monday. I'm going to start doing KB ballistics and running for my conditioning.


Did 5 rounds of crossfit football wod "Tillman" w/ marines.

7 deads 315lb
200yd run
15 pull-ups (kipping)

I could've...w/ no respect for my body....went and did 7 rounds, but my mind was not I was in boots/utes/flak jacket other guys were in PT gear.

I was looking at some times for people that did this as rx'd...(45 sec rest after each round) anyone can keep those times that low for 7 rds w/ 45 sec crazy.

Being in boots/utes wasn't fun either...haha
I can imagine that sucking big time
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