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Wednesday June 16th


Knee pain today, last set, in the left knee, one of the quad insertions, the meaty one to the right above the knee. Not sure what caused it. Pretty pissed, I hope this doesn't become a problem. Three things are different about my squat now: low bar instead of high bar, the knee sleeves, although I dont see how they could be contributing, and I also tried not shoving my knees out as far on the set I felt pain on. Next workout I'll shove them out like I have been before and see if it fixes the problem. My left hip flexor/rectis femoris also feels a little painfull but not as bad as the last few workouts. 225x3x5 next workout, if theres still pain I'll deload to 175x5 and work back up. Not making the same mistake I made last time I did SS and try to push through the pain.

Another things thats different is I'm looking down at my knees. Could be significant.

Its funny, but low bar isn't feeling that much easier then high bar. Felt a twinge in me elbow, sign of things to come? Low bar squats gave me terrible tendonitis last time I did them, but then my form was damn sloppy.


Felt a ripping pain in my left posterior delt on the 85# warm up set. No pain during the first workset, just a little soreness after. Forgot my belt for the first set. Second set felt better, no pain during and nearly imperceptable soreness after. First two set went fine, not all that difficult, but the last set something happened, the bar felt much heavier on the right side, so much that I stopped and checked that I didn't have my hands out wide. Later video analysis revealed that the plates on the right side slid towards the end of the barbell, causing an increased lever arm. I'll still increase to 114x3x5 next workout. Video analysis revealed an uneven raise to the bar as the cause. Ill use collars from now on while working on an even press.

Power Clean

First set went alright, although it seems like doing cleans sans bumpers is getting increasingly dangerous and hard on my wrists. The weight bounced off my thighs second rep and threw me forward. Second set they all racked pretty low. Third set went excellently. Fourth set first rep went alright, last rep racked low. Fifth set last two reps racked low. Last set went fine, last rep I squatted lower but didn't need to. I'll probably reset once my depth just gets ridiculous.

lol, I may have done 6 sets today.


Alot of lollygagging between exercises today, workout took nearly two hours. Got a glimpse of my upper back on film during the press video and I gotta say it looks like the cleans are doing they're work, aesthetically speaking. Knee was sore during the occasional bodyweight squat after the workout.
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