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Dave Coughlin
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Derek-Thanks for the hit, and look forward to meeting you eventually. I didn't know about that OFD call a couple days ago, we have been very busy the past few shifts-with legitimate EMS calls, house fires, and entrapments. Very different then the regular BS calls. I am pleased.

Jay-Yep, I made the switch to CA, although I'm double posting for a while longer. I have not learned a single thing on the CF forum in over a year, just too much focus on beginners perhaps. Plus, every time I try to give advice/opinion, the responses are beyond irritating. BTW does your relocation mean you're becoming a Browns fan now? The GM is the former GM of your Eagles, and C Alex Mack is a bad dude...look up his lifting #s.

Kevin-Glad you like the title, brother. If it makes you want to kick something, then it's working.

6/16/10 @FD Training Center

CFWU 1x10

Deadlift (65%/75%/85%)
135*5, 225*5
265*5, 305*5, 345*Max reps (8)

Assistance Exercises
Bosu ball situps (no GHD) 3*10

Five Supersets of:
6 deadhang pullups of different grips
6 Good Mornings w/45# bar

C2 Tabata-850m total

*After the shoulder workout on Monday, we got a double trailer fire at around 3am. It was still 90 degrees, and more humid than during the day. Saw a lot of guys fade quickly on the scene. Luckily, I have been really concentrating on hydration during the day...I'm also glad we did chicken and salads that night, and not enchiladas!
**First time giving max rep DLs a shot, at least since the Dirty South last year. There were a ton of FD VIPs around today, and I was getting some dirty looks for banging the weights a couple times. In forgetting to bring chalk today, I have now learned a valuble lesson in what to pack for DL days from now on. I should get double-digits next time I DL. The Tabata rowing was a horrible experience. All in all, I am really pleased with how that last max rep effort is making me feel....not looking forward to squat day. Tomorrow on shift I will try for some Oly lifting, sandbag runs, and throwing...or getting floated to a station with a squat rack.
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