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Day 18 Friday

6:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
6:45 1 1/2 scoop protein, water
7:30 1/2 kashi bar
9:00 other 1/2 kashi bar
10:30 32 oz planet smoothie protein chocolate chimp

8:30 Private with Brian
I wanted to focus on a couple of challenges
1) 1/2 guard
2) escape from side control
3) submissions from guard

1/2 guard the major breakthrough came when I realized that I need to hook my inside leg outside and triangle it. Once I understood that I was able to secure my half guard a lot.

We worked a pass from 1/2 guard when you are on top here are the steps.
1) pin free leg to body to prevent them from moving
2) post inside leg and walk up as close to their rear as you can
3) push their knee to the mat opposite of your body
4) slide your inside knee onto their stomach
5) gain your base and keep pressure on them
6) push with your knee on their belly into their leg to free your trapped leg
7) swing your trapped leg as far back and over your body as you can to gain solid side control
8) suck in and transition to 100k man

We worked a sweep from 1/2 guard when you are on the bottom
1) drive elbow to the mat
2) swim opposite hand under neck until you gain the shoulder
3) swim hand from step 1 to same shoulder
4) push with both hands on shoulder to create space (think frame)
5) immediately shrimp hips away
6) grab belt with opposite hand
7) grab hamstring with first hand
8) grab other hamstring with opposite hand, from belt to hamstring
9) scoot down tuck head get good control, play with their balance
10) pull elbow of first hand to belly fast and shove back under arch between floor and foot
11) bend arm at a 90 degree to bring their foot to your other hand grab foot and hold
12) bring triangle to the middle
13) catch their leg with your triangle foot and extend to make their base linear and easier to topple
14) push against them to get them to resist
15) once they resist take their movement and roll completely over them
16) don't let go of them when you roll land with their knee up to their chest and sprawl
17) fight to maintain position once you have it begin transition to side control

We worked positional escapes from side control
1) both arms inside
2) bump and create space
3) touch knee to elbow
4) control one opposite arm and push back and extend body
5) slip leg through for full guard

I liked this and have been working it the key mistake I have been making is not pushing with the leg and extending my body. Doing those 2 items allows you to create more space to feed your leg through.

We worked 2 submissions from guard collar choke and elbow lock. The collar choke sets up so many different moves and allows you to control the direction of the attack. Here are the steps for the choke.

Gi Choke from guard
1) grab lapel with hand loosen it up
2) feed other hand inside palm down so you can push or pull
3) feed lapel into hand and pull tight until blade of wrist is on the artery
4) get a grip and pull elbow to hip to lock opponent
5) feed first hand palm up under other arm and grab as deep as you can palm up
6) roll towards side where you elbow is touching your hip and lock your elbow to the mat
7) choke

Elbow lock from guard
1) thread the needle with arm through their arm
2) pass your hand across your face and grab your own shoulder
3) post foot on same side and their arm and shrimp hips way out
4) while shrimping place your other hand on top of your elbow so that both are on top of their elbow
5) bring your posting foot to their hip bend your elbow to the top of their arm and pull down

The key to this lock is speed and to get their hand trapped behind your ear in the 2nd step
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