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Default Kettlebell Snatch Tests

Before I got involved in Olympic lifting and then Strongman most of my training was done with kettlebells and even to this day I use kettlebells with most of my clients as well as teaching a large number of workshops and courses each year.

However, my own personal use of kettlebells has slipped over the last couple of years and with some new DVDs to shoot that require me to drop a bit of weight and in need of a bit more GPP/conditioning for strongman comps I thought it might be time to dust of the heavier KBs in my collection and do a bit of work with them.

Current plan is to take a run at the "Ultimate Snatch Test" (10 min with the 32) in a months time and see if I can crack the top 10 list over at

I did a test the other day and without pushing it managed 10 sets of 10 in 10:00 for a total of 100 reps.

To get top 10 will require 155 which i think is achievable.

Training plan is to do some snatches each morning and then do regular gym training in the afternoons.
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