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Default Correct Execution & Progression is Critical for Long Term Success

Originally Posted by Steven Low
It's better to work compression for L-sit and straddle-L.
Almost correct.

Straddle Ls do indeed require significant compression to be performed correctly, however the 90 degrees of pike required for an L-sit is not a significant degree of compression. In fact, stressing compression during an L-sit will result in the chest being concave with the hips substantially behind the hands. While this position will initially allow longer static hold times to be achieved, it is ultimately ineffective for long-term strength development.

The emphasis on an L-sit should be on maintaining a high chest while striving to press the hips forward to the hands. Focusing on these cues during L-sit development will provide a solid foundation for more advanced strength work in the future.

The advice however on duration is correct. You will need to first build to a 30 sec L-sit, then a 30 sec Straddle L and then achieve a 30 sec MSH in order to begin manna training with a reasonable expectation of success.

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