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Friday June 18th


Knees felt fine throughout warm-up. First set wasnt nothin' but a peanut (have to start quoting ronnie coleman more often, yeah buddy!). No knee pain and maintained knees out like it was nothing. Lower back wasn't feeling so hot after set 1 though, no pain during the set but after there was like an ache. Minor right knee and left hip flexor pain second set. Back pain I think was a technique problem because the first rep hurt a bit but when I focused on sticking my ass out it felt fine. Last set, 2nd rep I bumped the safeties on one side which made that rep quite a bit harder, maybe thats why the rest of the set felt like a grinder. Knees felt fine during that set, little hip flexor pain after standing up with

the last rep.

Bench Press

First set was not all that hard, decent bar speed. Second set went well, maybe a little shaky laterally. No big deal though. I think the hard arch I use on the bench fixed my lower back soreness. Felt a pump in my upper back after the second set. Last set was TOUGH. Bar speed slowed to almost nothingness on last rep. Form got sloppy too, favoring one side. Wierd.


My instincts are telling me to set up with my hips lower, for the sake of my back. I believe I will listen. Awesome, lower back stayed in great extension throughout and I broke the 300 barrier. Next stop 405.


Im getting fat man. Developing a nice big gut. Going to go down to 4000 calories, and I mean it this time. Gotta look good for the ladies, ya know..
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