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Dave Coughlin
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6/17/10 on shift, 15 calls so no workout

6/18/10 working OT @FD

CFWU 1*10

Bench Press (65%/75%/85%)
175*5, 205*5, 225*10

-Pushups 3*20

-4 x 125# sandbag sprint 40m, turn around and walk back to start
(holding the sandbag like a barrel around my chest each way back)
-2x 40m sprint @85-90%
(focusing on quick feet and using my hamstring)

*I really wanted to do squats yesterday, but we were just too busy. I was able to get OT at a station with a bench, so I'll try for squats on Monday without throwing my first cycle off too much. Bench felt OK, my first time benching in quite a while. Once again, the max rep set is really a killer for me. I might have a couple more reps in me at 225#, but that is pretty much the same thing I've said each time. Not looking forward to max rep squats.
**I plan on having a rest day and a day with some Oly lifts, shot putting, and maybe some timed burpees; however, I haven't figured out the order yet. After working 48hrs, I doubt me going to the gym for a couple hours is high on my wife's priorities
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