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So a little background:

I'm 21, male, 5'9" 150lb. I have been lifting since I was 13 though without any real guidance or coaching. As such I slowly developed a 300lb bench press and didn't even know how to squat (I mean actually squat, ass to grass and whatnot). At some point in the last year, I decided I wanted to drop weight and get in better "shape". Basically, I wanted to feel more balanced/atheletic. I dropped 20 pounds from 165-145 way too quickly and lost a lot of that over-developed upper body. As I read and learned and read and learned, my programming evolved constantly. it's time now, however, to come up with a definitive plan and stick with it. So here is my plan, I welcome your input:

Weight: whatever meets the goals below
5x3 315# Squat
1x1 405# DL
1x1 185# Overhead Press
5x5 225# Bench Press
Ability to run 18:00 3 mile (arbitrary "fitness" gage)
Learn to snatch and jerk

Weight: 150#
5x3 225# Squat
1x1 335# Deadlift
1x1 150# Overhead Press
5x5 205# Bench Press
18:00 3-mile
*I have been following a linear progression for these lifts the past few months, and hit all lifts thus far, but I am approaching my first stall in all of them.
**old workout log:

M- Warm up, light snatch practice, Back Squat, Bench Press, <10min HEAVY metcon, cool down
T- Warm up, light clean and jerk practice, Overhead Press, Deadlift, 2 Accessory exercise, cool down
R- Warm up, light snatch practice, Back Squat, Bench Press, <10min HEAVY metcon OR 2 Accessory exercises, cool down
F- Warm up, Clean and jerk, Overhead Press, Deadlift (or substitute), 2-4 Accessory exercise OR metcon, cool down
Sat- Warm up, Squat Variation (front, overhead, etc), Medium length metcon (Off day if needed)

For Metcons: I use kettlebells, vests, boxes, hills, rings, you name it, I'll try it. For example, yesterday I did 4 rds: 5x KB [clean and press, renegade rows, high pulls, squat jumps] in 6 mins. Another favorite is Clean-->Thruster coupled with hanging leg raises.

As for nutrition... I have some crappy Costco whey that I need to finish but once its gone, I'll be ordering some quality stuff. Basically, I eat lean protein (chicken, eggs, round steak, salmon, sardines, pork loin)+veggies+fat source (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado) at all times except peri-workout. Pre-workout is coffee+dextrose/maltodextrin+beta-alanine+leucine enriched whey. Post workout is 4 oz milk+ Leucine enriched whey+ dextrose/maltodextrin+creatine. Carb source currently is the candy "Spree", but I'll order some pure dextrose with my next protein order. Post workout meal will have sweet potato or berries+ lean protein+ veggies. Vitamins and supplements will include fish oil, vitamin D, Liver tabs, and a soon as I can afford them.

Thanks for any input

Also, looking for a training partner in Charlottesville, VA. If you know someone, let me know.
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