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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
I'm wondering whether to just do the Starting Strength rotation and sub in the full O lift as appropriate. So, sub front squat for back squat one day. Sub squat clean for power clean or sub clean & jerk for both power clean and shoulder press. Or sub push press or jerk for shoulder press.

It sounds like you are trying to do a couple things at once.
Some of your substitutions I find questionable.

The squat clean is significantly more taxing than a power clean.

Subbing the full C&J for power clean and press isn't a great fit b/c the jerk is as much a leg exercise while the press is essentially no leg.

I dunno about SS much, and I am wondering about your plan. Have you just tried a structured OLY program with assists for your goals? Not really sure what your goals are. Is strength in general the goal with oly as one element or is it more oly focused? Sounds like a mix. Mixing can be tricky, esp when there is a plan so structured as SS.
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