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Monday June 21st


Didn't feel so sure of my form during the warm ups. Found my self really accentuating my lower back arch. First set felt fine on my body. Second set felt fine during but after my left leftern-most quad ached a bit. During the sets, I found that I would descent in what felt like my usual downward fashion, but then as I reached parallel I would sit back more into the squat. Forgot my belt the third set. Did not feel good AT ALL. Lower back hurt, felt like maybe it came out of extension. Racked it after 1 rep and repeated 3 mins later. Fuck, not very cool to know I`d be hurting without a belt. Took a vid and it looks like I have a bit of a butt winking problem going on so I`m raising the depth a bit.


Ripping pain in my posterior delt during the 85 pound warm up, but again not there during the workset. Felt it when reaching up afterwards though. One more time feeling it and I`ll have to change my warm up. Bar slowed to a stop at the top of the last rep, second set, still locked it out. Yee-haw, 35 pounders next workout, moving on up.

Power Clean

First set was a little sloppy but not that bad. Second set first 2 reps racked low, I need to start squattin under it each time or I`m going to fuck up my wrists. Squatted lower on third set and it went fine. Fourth set I underestimated the need to squat the first rep and ouch, my wrists. Hurts enough for me to know I`m not going to keep getting away with them racking low. But, even if I do squat low, that doesnt mean I`m throwing it low, though, yo. Last set went fine, last rep was maybe a little too low, I actually felt that one in my legs as I stood up with it.


Workout took an hour and 53 minutes, no idea why.
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