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Don Stevenson
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My snatch technique for longer slower sets tends to be more GS style with the corkscrew and a fairly close to the body drop.

Toward the end of a timed interval when i'm trying to squeeze out a few more reps or when i'm doing sets at max speed my techniques tends to revert to more of a "hard style" with a straight flip over the wrist.

I'm taking videos of some of my training sessions and will post up some footage for comparison over the next week or so.

I'minterested to see how training with the 32 affects my performance with both the 24 and the 40. At the moment I can comfortably snatch the 40 for sets of about 8 on each arm but i've never tried to do more than 3 - 4 sets as part of a workout and certainly never timed like a SSST.

The 24 I basically never snatch for reps so it will be interresting to see the carryover from the heavier weight.
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