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I don't think it's compartment syndrome...

More along the lines of something like chronic small strain or something. Much like a hamstring strain that doesn't go away and just lingers there.

Stretching would probably tend to aggravate it.

If anything if really screwed up with the muscles there's one method that tends to help which is eccentrics..... it helps reset the neuromuscular control, and stimulates production of sarcomeres to prevent additional damage, and it's teh same thing with tendonitis healing.

I'd do 7-10 second slow eccentrics with the calves for 20-30 reps for anywhere from 2-4 sets per every 2 days.

If your control is poor and you're jerking as you lower down from all the way up to all the way down (preferably do this on a box so you can get full plantar flexion to full dorsiflexion) then you probably have your answer. Even if not, I would still bet it's going to likely help extensively.

See if it start helping at all with the massage. Also, stretch out plantar fascia with roller and see if that helps too.

Hammy flexiblity good?
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