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So, just a few thoughts:

1. I've been training a variety of places. The gym at NU, the Moores, and at Celli's. It interesting when you switch environments. Different bars (possibly with a variety of groove widths and slight diameter variations), different lighting, music, etc. Different styles of benches, squat racks, etc. Doing three places in two weeks definitely gave me an appreciation for the benefits of "home" -- one dedicated place to train. Of course, variety has benefits too.

2. I finally put up a pic for my avatar. It shows me and my son (Ethan) on top of Camel's Hump in the Fall of 2009. He's 2.5 yrs and about 35 lbs in the pic and he rode up on my back. (Talk about rucking! Try it with a wiggly load). He is wearing some great clothing: a Steelers fleece and an Elite Fitness beanie. I've actually taken him up CH three times.

3. I've been experimenting with back-to-back days of squatting. The first day I "grab some volume". The second day I "grab some intensity". As an example, Day 1: 7 of 5 waving up to 235/245. Day 2: work up to a nice single at 275. (These were with what I call for my own reference "Olympic squats". For me, this is high bar, mostly upright, medium- width, narrow hand spacing squats. I moved to them for a few weeks to take some stress off my shoulder. They've been a nice variation -- though my knees got a little achy as I upped the volume/intensity. Also, my lower back was a little disgruntled. But, none of it was more than adaptation. I'm ready to get back to mostly PL style squats. I'll probably use my heeled shoes when I return to Oly style.

4. I had some nice success with log pressing (small potatoes for most folks, but I was happy). I haven't even done heavy militaries since last fall but I was able to match an older 2RM (i.e., about a 4 year old effort) for some nice sets of .... 5 (I think ... my log book is five feet away and I just drove 12 hours .... Pgh to Montpelier).

I'm finishing my wine and going to bed. Last note, my sister ... who at the young age of 50 has gotten into training ... commented on me looking more like a lifter than even last summer. Good stuff. See, it really does pay to string together more than 8 months of continual training (that's a note to self!).
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