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Nicolas Warren
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Fri 25 Jun '10

Didn't mean to take yesterday off, but had a sore right calf this time (just under the knee at the back, possibly from a massage from my gf, possibly from DLs). Stomach ache today as well, so am going to clean the diet up and go off the GOMAD for a bit. Feel alright this evening though.

Press: 60x5x3 (felt fine, last rep was hard) 5RM PR
Eccentric Calf Raises: 2x15. Couldn't get 20 reps because of the burn. Also felt it in the soles of my feet (might have been from the oly shoes).
BB Rows: 50x10x2 (felt fine)
PUs (strict, CTB): 5,5

Right shoulder a little twinged a few hours after workout. No pain in either calf.
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