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Samuel Hughes
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Default June 25 2010

Got Stephen Holtz to come check out Rocky Top today. I had forgotten what its like to have a partner. Went slower since I was teaching a good bit but it was fun, had some PRs

Worked up to 4x140# Power Clean (PR)

3x135# Overhead Press (PR FINALLY)

3x10 70kg SLDL

Metcon: 5rds 5xDB [DL, Sq. Clean, PP, Squat]
Loads: 30,40,55(PR), 40, 30

4x10 10kg dips, 3x8 Windmills
S. Emile Hughes

Workout Log

Current Lifts (December 2010): BW 166lbs; 285lb Bench Press; 315lb Squat; 175lb Overhead Press; 405lb Deadlift; 205lb Power Clean
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