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I checked out the template. I didn't realize the second tab had O lifts (the first tab is pretty basic). I'm going to look into it more. Something consistent and progressive would work well.


Thanks for your comments. I'm not sure I agree that a squat clean is more taxing than a power clean. Are you arguing that it's possible to power clean more than a squat clean? I do find a squat clean harder to learn but I've assumed that's just me. In any event, can't I just adjust for difficulty by varying the weight?

Again, on your point about subbing the C&J, I'm not looking to exactly replicate the motion but rather to achieve the same effect of Starting Strength (building mass/strength) while working on the technical side of the O lifts.

As for goals, good question! Build strength/mass, improve athletic performance, learn the O lifts as a sport (in no particular order).
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