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It looks like this will be my last post from VT (the Internet is going dark at the Fenner household today).

I had some fun squatting against chains on Friday and did some asymmetrical KB C+P (5 of 5 @ 24kg, 16kg L and R -- 10 of 5 total) on Sunday. Unfortunately, I tried a sumo deadlift (which I haven't tried in about 4+ years?) on Friday and my hamstrings weren't ready for the force-stretch combination. Nothing serious, but I definitely got a little tweakie in the hammie.

More box moving is in the RX for today and I might get a last NU workout tomorrow. Officially the three things we'll miss about VT: a few close friends, Camel's Hump, and Ariels' Restaurant. (Yes, there are a couple other things like great winter sports, Fall, wood burning, etc.).

Now, I'm back to being a Pennsylvania mutt (born in eastern PA, elementary school in central PA, high school + college in northwest PA, graduate school in Pgh, moving to northeastern PA).

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