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My girlfriend got me into that show. I've been so split on how I feel about the whole thing. Although parts of it are wrong, it's nice to see a guy who literally weighs over 500# drop 227# without surgery.

A winner from a previous season gained all his weight back, so he got to redo it on his own and show up for a finale. This was the exact thing i worried about, but i thought that if some of these people regained weight (and they probably would), it would never approach their initial weights.

One guy from the past season now does BJJ (for exercise right now i think). i was just glad that the show could get a guy on that path. hopefully he'll not think of BJJ as a workout later though.

Maybe they'll get glassman to come in, and it will utterly fail because people are too busy trying to figure out what his big words mean and why he's using them.
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