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Dave Coughlin
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I enjoyed tossing the ball around, Jay; however, I'm not sure I've got the availability to take up a new sport. Maybe later....

6/26/2010 @FD

Shot Put tosses, about 10 or so all around 36 feet

Sled Pulls with crew, I did about 6-7 (150-400#)

Some sprints and running with various different weighted implements

6/27/2010 @ FD Training Center

warmup-500m row in 2mins, cfwu 1x10

135*5, 135*5, 2015*5, 237*5, 270*6

Assistance-Leg Extension 130# 4*8

Bench Press
45*5, 135*5, 185*3, 217*3, 247*8

Assistance 3*10 pushups, 3*10 pullups

*Fun day at FD on Saturday, as I got the whole crew to join in the fun of throwing, sprinting, and sled craziness. Of course, we ended up running all night long on BS calls. Monday was my first squat day, and my second BP workout, so I wanted to try to bang them both out because of logistic issues. Of course, right before I leave for the gym, I tweak my back HARD trying to dump all the water out of our plastic white-trash kiddie pool I was tight during the squat portion, but I really felt it during the final max rep set....of course.
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