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Originally Posted by Winfield Featherston View Post
Hey Derek. I'm not training for any competitions, as I'm currently pretty weak (those weights are pounds and not kilos). I lost a lot of weight doing the xfit main site workouts for a couple of years, and my strength suffered.

My current goals are pretty meager: 2x body weight DL, 1.5x body weight squat, 1.25x body weight bench, and 1x body weight overhead. Meager, but manageable in the relative short term. I'm planning on meeting these goals by year end.

Oh yeah, and the heavy bag stuff is because a) it augments my martial arts training, and b) it's a lot of fun.
I am right there with you on those goals. I think they are great for the end of the year. In fact I would love to have a 1x press by then.
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