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Dave Coughlin
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6/30/2010 @WW

CFWU 1x10, plus some light KB fun

Shoulder Press-First day of last hard cycle of 5/3/1

45*8, 135*5, 155*3, 170*5

Assistance work
-Push Press 135#, 3*8
-Bar dip, 3*15

Treadmill Hill Sprints
-4*100m, about 2min RI
-15% incline, 8.6mph (6:58/ mile pace)

*This is going to be a tough week, as the end of my first 5/3/1 cycle has begun. I ate pretty well yesterday in anticipation of today; unfortunately, the natives were quite restless last night at work, and I wasn't very well-rested. Rest is going to be a big issue with 5/3/1, and I'll have to tweak my programming accordingly for the next cycle-after I get back from the beach The last set got pretty heavy pretty fast, but I'm not sure if I've ever done more than 165# for 5 prior to today, so that's OK I guess. I like adding the PPs into my assistance work, as well. The treadmill hill sprints are from Jay Ashman, thanks a lot-they were horrible, but they are something I need to work into my stuff. I'll be on a bit of a time crunch for the rest of the week...I need to DL tomorrow, and try to get a squat and bench day in before we leave on saturday. I also want to attempt either Tillman or Kalsu for my birthday workout on Saturday morning...
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