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Robb, I like 531 for the reasons others mentioned. There's nothing to overthink, so you can cut the trainee loose. It's useful for novices or intermediates, and the use of one heavy workset doesn't burn you out like sets across in a linear program. The AMRAP set also dovetails into other conditioning work better than a limit strength program does.

I'd do something different if I was coaching and programming for a specific trainee (assuming I was also familiar with his technique work). It would look more like my old stuff or like Rut's. But there is a lot of wiggle room, which means a lot of opportunities for an ignorant trainee to screw up the program. Not as much with 531.

For the spring season, I toyed with a combination of 531 (which I nixed closer to tourney time), timed sets on the KBs, Dan John's barbell complexes, and prowler work. I liked it a lot.

Also check Joel Jamieson's stuff.
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