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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
OK I appreciate that. As far as my body image goes, my iliac crest is quite visible but there is still some fat at the top of it and towards my low back. My guesstimation came from google images. I have a clear abdominal outlining as well. I am in the process of finding someone to test my body fat again.
My only other idea would be to follow a ketogenic diet based off of paleo selection. Any thoughts on this approach?
My current take on ketogenic diets is that they're utterly stupid for athletes unless you have severe insulin resistance (unlikely if you're already lean) or have epilepsy.

A cyclical ketogenic approach may work well where the deletion of carbs on a low/no carb day would equal a pretty severe deficit. Carbs go high and you're at maintenance or a little below, carbs go medium and you're in a slight deficit etc. Protein and fat kept fairly constant the whole way.

You can definitely get very lean Zoning, but it sucks. If you want to get freaky lean, for whatever reason, just recognize you'll be hungry and pissed off at least some of the time.

Lyle's made mention that the biggest factor in maintaining lean body mass is intensity in the weight room where intensity equals the weight on the bar.

Check out this post by Martin on Stubborn Body Fat

There's also a good one right before that one that I linked to in this forum (and nobody seemed to give a crap about it I guess) regarding Malcolm Gladwell on LC diets.

Like Donald said, refeeds help the issue. They're not necessarily required though. People have gotten very lean (including a lot of Crossfitters) without refeeds in the past. They are nice though.
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