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Wednesday June 30th


First rep was hard enough to leave no question I wasn't
getting another without my form going to shit, so I didn't risk



Increasing pain in left rear delt. Second set didn't hurt quite as much. First set must have been a technique issue. To repeat next workout or to add 1 pound, I'll think about that for monday.

Power Clean

Fuck, thought the reset was to 145. Oh well. First set went fine. Felt good to be racking it with minimal knee bend, felt like a real power clean again. Second set accidentaly turned the third rep into a high pull, repeated and got it nice and high. Third set went fine. Fourth set, first rep got very close to racking, but not quite and I had to drop it while swearing from the pain in my wrists. Counted it anyway, was close enough. Fifth set went alright, 1 and 3 might have racked a little lower then my ego would like.


So it seems I've stalled on most my lifts, and regressed a little on the squat. Per PP I should take an intensive squat deload, which I shall. My left knee is also beginning to feel actually injured. Pain while walking, jumping, and squatting. The light weight and focus on form should do me good.

So why have I stalled? I believe its the decrease in calories. In an effort to shrink the gut I've cut down to about 3000 a day and that I guess just isnt enough to sustain progress. So what am I to do? I can keep eating and keep getting fatter and not like the way I look more and more, or I can cut, get leaner, try to hold on to as much strength as possible, and then resume bulking when my gut has shrunk. I like the second idea better lol.

The knee and delt pain is a mystery. I realized today that it could be my lateral miniscus, or my left IT band at its insertion near the knee. It might be that I'm underestimating just how much I need to shove my knees out.

For the delt, I put it against a ball on the sliding adjustable power rack hooks and squeezed like crazy and it seems to have helped quite a bit. Found just the right spot. Its something until I find out what the issue is. Hell maybe thats what the issue actually is.

Considering recovery is now becoming an issue I think I'll switch to the advanced novice program.

I'm also tired of working out alone in my garage, going to get a gym membership at the local Monster. They have bumper plates I'm told.. And there open 24/7 so if I'm busy or lazy one day I can go at 12 and still make all the noise I damn well please, which at home would result in death by strangling from my 'rents.
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