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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
I have read his article and the only problems I have are facts I should of mentioned in my first posting.

I am type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump. In this past any type of fat burner ( when I was in hs and experimented with them) jacked up my blood sugar. So I am weary of supplements like that.

I also work in a restaurant while home from school for the summer. So long hours on my feet without eating, and a less than optimal schedule.
Ahhhh, I wasn't even thinking Type 1 diabetic. Gymnastics based strength work etc. is a good choice.

In that case, paleo-ketogenic stuff makes sense.

I would check in on Robb Wolf's page in that case. He's got a ton of stuff for the Type 1 diabetic.

That post of mine should have said something like keto diets are utterly stupid unless you're insulin resistant, epileptic or type 1 diabetic. I kind of acted up on that one.

Definitely Robb's page.
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