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Default July 1 2010 (Thursday)

Finally remembered to get on the scale, 151# post BM and after being sick for a few days. I'll take it, trying to add maybe 1#/week (just a slow and steady gain)

Still not 100% better but I gave it a shot this morning. Slept in fits, and felt like crap right when I woke up, better during the workout, terrible right after. It cooled off a lot last night, and as soon as I got in the hot shower, I felt better. I will try lifting in a sweatshirt next time to see if its a temperature regulation issue. Also, I bought some tylenol pm (I think thats what it is) so hopefully will crash hard tonight.

KB Snatch, OHS for warmup

3x5 205# Squat
-stuck with the high bar. Warm up sets really hurt my anterior hip (flexor), but then I started to focus on spreading my knees and it really improved. I have a tendency to look up and get too forward when I strain of late reps.

5x5 215# Bench
-Felt solid, probably too much rest between sets but whatever

5 rds: 10x55# KB Swing, 3-5x HSPU, 10x K2E
Time: 9:26, didn't push it too hard.

For these 5am workouts, I'm eating like this:
wake up: bowl of oatmeal and whey, large cup of coffee
during warmup: 15g dextrose, 10g whey, 5g leucine, 5g creatine, 3g Beta-Alanine
Post Workout: 40g Whey, 5g leucine, 5g creatine, 5g dextrose in milk.
Post-Post workout: either a good meal, or milk sipped for 2 hours.
S. Emile Hughes

Workout Log

Current Lifts (December 2010): BW 166lbs; 285lb Bench Press; 315lb Squat; 175lb Overhead Press; 405lb Deadlift; 205lb Power Clean
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